Florida Rep. Ritch Workman Will Look Into TSA Diaper-gate Issues

Florida state Rep. Ritch Workman says he will look at the issues a states'-rights group raised about a controversial TSA frisking, but he isn't committing to anything yet.

The Florida 10th Amendment Center this week condemned the TSA for its aggressive patdown of a 95-year-old grandmother at Northwest Florida Regional Airport. The wheelchair-bound woman said TSA agents ordered her to remove her adult diaper.

Workman, who sponsored a 10th Amendment resolution at the 2010 Legislature, said, "I see the need for federal agencies to control access to interstate air traffic, although the TSA seems to have expanded its role without authorization. I will look at the issue with Mr. Nappi."

But Workman stopped short of pledging to introduce legislation curtailing TSA activity.

"Let's be clear, the federal government has been violating the 10th Amendment since the 10th Amendment was written. Whatever the Kool-Aid is in D.C., they lose sight of the amendment," said Workman, R-Melbourne.

"The state's duty and prerogative is to hold [the federal government] accountable," he said, adding, "This fight should be fought in Washington, D.C."

In 2010, Workman's 10th Amendment resolution, designed to strengthen states' rights, garnered 62 co-sponsors in the Florida House but never got a hearing.

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12:16AM JUN 29TH 2011
It is unfortunate that the state representatives are afraid of an out-of-control federal agency that violates the constitution by strip searching (that's what the scanners do....they take nude pictures, including of children...) American citizens without probable cause or a warrant - something our fine police officers cannot do to people unless you are under arrest or a prisoner - and sexually assaults them by touching their genitals through coercive means ("Let me touch your genitals or you don't fly and lose your money and can't see your grandkids." Some 'choice', huh?)

No one says the Federal government hasn't given the TSA authority to oversee airport security, but it didn't say molest citizens so Usama Bin Laden can laugh at us from his watery grave.

I would urge anyone who wants to do something about these abuses to check out http://freedomtotravelusa.org or http://fttusa.org.

A bunch of concerned citizens who have tracked these abuses for awhile have put together an approach to educate legislators and make our government accountable to us for a change. We strongly support the state initiatives and also feel that the federal government needs to be accountable. It is almost unfathomable that our President, a constitutional lawyer, is letting this go on.
4:58PM JUN 28TH 2011
I applaud Rep Workman for taking the initiative to protect the US Citizens and our rights.

The entire TSA operation is done bassackwards (sic). If we are worryed about terrorists on the intra-country flights, why does the State Dept STILL offer permanent work visas in the developing countries on a lottery basis - no screening, just luck of the draw? Foreigners should be checked out BEFORE they are given a visa to the US. Cargo shipped into the ports are not screened, but 95-year olds and newborn babies with diapers must have their bare bottoms inspected.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and say "Enough is Enough". When will common sense return to the vast majority of our population? Or will we doom our children and grandchildren to the New Police State?

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