Florida's Debt Plummets Under Gov. Rick Scott

Wayne Rogers joined The Willis Report on Tuesday to discuss Gov. Rick Scott's success in Florida, and how he has reduced the deficit by cutting unnecessary spending.

"He's reduced the deficit in Florida by $2 billion, that's amazing in itself. I don't think there is another state like that," Rogers told host Gerri Willis.

"Why can't Washington have the same attitude as Rick Scott in Florida?," Willis replied.

Check out the video: "Why Can’t Federal Government Live Within Its Means?"

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9:43PM DEC 7TH 2012
6:47PM DEC 7TH 2012
Prove it.
Justin Thyme
6:46PM DEC 7TH 2012
Why am I reading Tuesday's news on Friday?
Don Fanucci
8:15PM DEC 7TH 2012
I did not know about this exchange until this site brought it to my attention just now. No one's forcing you to read the blogs, moron. If you don't like them, get your news elsewhere.
Justin Thyme
8:55PM DEC 7TH 2012
Thanks for not using your usual insult of leftist.
Don Fanucci
9:13PM DEC 7TH 2012
Your comment was moronic, but it was not necessarily leftist. Every leftist is a moron, but not every moron is a leftist.
Justin Thyme
9:24PM DEC 7TH 2012
You use that term quite a bit. So does Eric Giunta. Come to think of it, you both have Italian names and the good Don always defends Giunta's writings.


Get out of the sock drawer, Mr. Giunta.
Don Fanucci
12:01AM DEC 8TH 2012
So, Giunta and I are the same person because I go under an Italian pseudonym? Given your racism, you must be a leftist.
Hyman Roth
8:42PM DEC 7TH 2012
Happy Hanukkah.
Justin Thyme
6:46PM DEC 7TH 2012
Why am I reading Tuesday's news on Friday?

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