FMA Backs Pam Bondi for AG

The Florida Medical Association (FMA) endorsed Republican candidate Pam Bondi for attorney general through their PAC on Wednesday.

“Florida’s next attorney general will have a direct impact on issues that are critical to physicians across the state,” said Dr. Madelyn E. Butler of the FMA “The FMA PAC supports Pam Bondi for attorney general because she has the experience and take-charge attitude that we need to address a wide range of issues, from cracking down on illegal fraud and abuse in the Medicaid program to pursuing medical liability reform.”

“I am very pleased to receive this important endorsement,” replied Bondi.  “We are facing shortages of physicians and health care professionals, and I want to work with the FMA and concerned consumer groups to guarantee that every Floridian has access to quality care.”

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1:17PM OCT 13TH 2010
Every special interest endorses Pam Bondi while the people's interest is put at risk by her.

Pam Bondi is not the right person for the job of the attorney general.

Vote for Dan Gelber!, vote for florida, vote for the people of Florida.

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