Gary Johnson Slams DC for Potential Federal Government Shutdown

Former Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico, who was the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate in 2012, compared politics to a “reality show -- except that the actors are completely out of touch with reality” in an email sent out to supporters on Thursday.

“While the rest of us are trying to make a living in the face of unsustainable government debt, ever-increasing regulations, and abuses of our freedoms, our elected senators and representatives are playing games,” Johnson wrote. “For months, everyone has known that the last budget deal President Obama and Congress cut will expire Monday. Unless they come up with a new deal or pass something to kick the can down the road for a few more days, we will see the silly exercise of a government ‘shutdown.’ Here we are ... and they are just now getting serious about pulling off some trick to keep the government operating on Monday.

“What business, what organization, what family would operate that way -- if they expected to survive?” Johnson continued. “Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) defunded. In fact, I’d like to see a lot of government programs and entire departments ‘defunded.’ But the reality is that it isn’t going to happen in the next four days. What IS going to happen is that the politicians on both sides are going to cut another deal. And when we get a chance to see that deal, it will do nothing to stop the government from spending hundreds of billions of dollars that it will either have to borrow or print.

“That’s not an accident,” Johnson insisted. “Believe me, the folks in Congress and the White House know exactly what they are doing. They manufacture a budget ‘crisis,’ dominate the news and the Web with their comical games to avoid that crisis, and in the process, the fundamental realities of unsustainable spending are ignored. They spend days talking about defunding Obamacare, but not a word about reforming Medicare, which is the largest real spending problem we face. They spend days talking about ‘keeping the government operating,’ but where is the conversation about changing how it operates or actually reducing spending? They don’t want to talk about that, so they create a crisis and then try to fool us into believing they are solving it.”

Johnson played up his own credentials, something he did on the campaign trail in 2012. “I have run a government,” Johnson wrote. “I have balanced a government’s budget. And I have negotiated with all sides to make needed changes without manufacturing crises just to make news. That’s why I am so frustrated by the reality show we are watching in Washington, D.C.

“Never has the need, or the opportunity, been greater to cast liberty and financial sanity in the national reality show,” Johnson insisted.

After getting 1 percent in the 2012 general election, Johnson has remained active, continuing to run his group Our American Initiative. Johnson has left the door open to running for the presidency again in 2016.

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2:26PM OCT 18TH 2013
Yes, I would vote for him again. I know what a good job he did as governor of NM which I voted for him as well back then.

The 2 party system is controlled by the same groups; MIC, banking cartel and the corporations. It is time we get a president who isn't backed by this special interest groups and stop the wars.

Change will never occur as long as the sheeple keep saying things like he doesn't have a chance. Are you willing to be that change? Think outside the box vote 3rd party.
10:37PM OCT 15TH 2013
I voted for him. Will vote for him again in 2016.
4:10PM OCT 1ST 2013
We really need to see a ground swell of support for Gary. He's got to be taken seriously on some major TV stations, magazines, newspapers etc. He remains a relative unknown

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