George LeMieux: 'Time to Look Behind Connie Mack's Famous Name'

Now that the presidential primary is over and two GOP candidates have quit the U.S. Senate contest, George LeMieux is narrowing his focus on rival Connie Mack IV.

“With Hasner and Craig Miller’s departures this week, the U.S. Senate race is now in clearer focus. Connie Mack currently leads in the polls, but there is no doubt his lead stems entirely from having a well-known name, inherited from his respected father and great-grandfather," LeMieux said Wednesday.

“There are seven months remaining until the Republican primary election. That is more than ample time for Republican voters to look behind the famous name and examine Mack's record in Florida and Washington.

"That record is filled with votes for higher spending, raising the debt limit, thousands of wasteful earmarks like Alaska’s Bridge to Nowhere, multiple pay raises for himself, and opposition to common-sense efforts to stop illegal immigration," LeMieux said in a statement.

"When I served in the United States Senate, I never requested an earmark, refused to raise the debt ceiling, and I fought for stricter enforcement of our laws against illegal immigration.

“Florida Republicans deserve a campaign, not a coronation. With a skyrocketing $15 trillion debt and record unemployment, there is too much at stake to simply hand the Senate seat over to someone with a famous last name. I am absolutely committed to a vigorous primary campaign, which will ultimately strengthen our party’s nominee and prepare them for the real battle against liberal Senator Bill Nelson.”

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just a matter of time
10:20PM FEB 1ST 2012
Doesn't it speak volumes about about the LeMieux campaign that he had to issue a press release that he's not getting out.

Get out or stay in... he's on his way back to making millions pretending not to be a lobbyist.

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