GOP 2012 Candidates Will Take Part in Florida Straw Poll

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) will host a straw poll for the 2012 presidential candidates in Orlando in September. The candidates will engage in debate on Thursday, Sept. 22, which will be televised across the nation on Fox News, before taking part in the Presidency 5 straw poll.

“I am proud to announce the details of this important event,” said Dave Bitner, chairman of the RPOF. “Presidency 5 will give the candidates an opportunity to bring their message directly to the people of Florida while allowing voters to participate in a poll that has historically predicted the eventual Republican nominee for president. We are also very excited to partner again with Fox News on another critical debate that will kick off the 2012 election season.”

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11:19AM AUG 15TH 2011
Ron Paul 2012!!!!

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