GOP AG Candidate Jeff Kottkamp Snags Two Endorsements in Miami-Dade

With two weeks to go till the primary, Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp is getting some extra help in Miami-Dade for his bid for the Republican nomination for attorney general. On Tuesday, County Commissioner Joe Martinez and Rep. Eddy Gonzalez, R-Hialeah Gardens, endorsed Kottkamp over Republican rivals Pam Bondi and Holly Benson. Kottkamp has won the backing of many of the county's Republican leaders, including both the Diaz-Balart brothers in Congress.

“I’m backing Jeff Kottkamp because I trust him and know he’ll fight for the freedoms that we as Americans and Floridians value,” said Martinez. “The problems facing our state are so serious that we need someone with proven leadership to help solve them.”

“Jeff Kottkamp understands the needs facing every region of Florida,” said Gonzalez. “He’s committed to the issues important to us here in Miami-Dade County and I’m proud to endorse him to be our attorney general.”

“I greatly respect Commissioner Martinez and Representative Gonzalez and thank them for their endorsement,” said Kottkamp. “Their support adds to the impressive team we have in place in Miami-Dade County. We’re all working hard to achieve victory on Aug. 24.”

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