Governor's Office Notes Support for K-12 Funding Boost

With Gov. Rick Scott set to announce his 2013 agenda Thursday afternoon in the Capitol that will include a call for legislators to add $1.2 billion to K-12 education, the governor’s office has highlighted some support that has already come in for the proposal.

Florida State Board of Education Chairman Gary Chartrand 

“Investing in Florida’s children is investing in our future. Proposing a $1.2 billion increase in education over last year’s budget shows that Governor Scott recognizes just how important it is to prepare our students for success in college, career and life. Florida has made significant progress over the past decade and the governor’s budget will help us continue in the right direction.” 

Don Pemberton, University of Florida Lastinger Center

"Governor Scott's education budget is a winner for students, teachers and schools. This investment will reap huge benefits for our state and will ensure that Florida will continue to prepare its students for success in the workplace." 

Sen. Bill Montford, D-Apalachicola

"Through continued interaction with superintendents, teachers, parents and others, Governor Scott's budget clearly responds to the unprecedented challenges facing school districts. These additional funds will go a long way in meeting these most pressing needs, and students throughout Florida will benefit from his decision."

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho

"Education is the foundation of Florida's economic development, and given our state's improving financial position, this recommendation to increase K-12 education funding by $1.2 billion is both a timely and strategic investment that has the potential to serve students, teachers and workforce readiness well." 

Dr. Barbara Jenkins, Orange County Public Schools superintendent

“Governor Scott and the Legislature have dealt with significant budget shortfalls over the past couple of years and they have made difficult decisions. We are pleased to see that, as the economy recovers, the governor is making public education a priority in his recommended budget. Moving this priority forward could make a significant and positive impact on our students, our teachers and our entire community. While there are many competing interests and significant needs to be dealt with, this is clearly an investment in young people and in the future of our state.”

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