Group Hands Out Bibles in Orange County Public Schools; John Stemberger: 'Bring It On, ACLU!'

News Talk WDBO reports that World Changers of Florida, a Christian organization, is placing Bibles on unmanned public school lunch tables in Orange County, with students free to pick them up or ignore them as they please.

"Only good things could come from reading the Bible, with all the horrific activities and stories coming out of public schools," the station quotes conservative activist John Stemberger, the group's attorney and president of Florida Family Policy Council.

ACLU spokesman Baylor Johnson is quoted saying: "This appears to be a situation where the schools are on thin constitutional ice."

Stembeger responded pithily to Johnson on his Facebook page: "Dear ACLU, bring it on!"
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I'm sure Stemberger will also be supportive of other religious groups handing out the Koran, Wiccan Bible, Rigveda, Tibetan Kangyur, Mabinogion, Dianetics, Rasa'il al-hikmah, Torah, and other religious texts, right? . . . . . . or will they hold this is solely a Christian priviledge (and therefore, CLEARLY unconstitutional) . . . . . . . in all aspects, certainly . . .

Pathetic . . .

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