Hastings Cites Miami Police Killings Today as Need for Gun Control

Two Miami-Dade police officers were killed Thursday morning while trying to serve an arrest warrant for homicide. One of the suspects accused of shooting the officers was killed by return fire. The other was taken into custody.

Later in the afternoon, Congressman Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar, briefly expressed condolences to "all those affected by the tragic and senseless deaths of two Miami-Dade officers this morning."

In the remaining paragraphs of his statement he outlined his arguments for increased gun control.

"I have been deeply concerned about Florida’s relaxed gun-control laws and now, more than ever, it is clear that stronger gun-control measures are needed," said Hastings.

The congressman is co-sponsoring two House resolutions: HR 263, the Fire Sale Loophole Closing Act, and HR 308, which would restrict the sale of large-capacity clips like the one used in the Arizona shooting.

“The lessons learned from this shooting, and that of the tragedy in Tucson, are staring us in the face and we need to take action to address the ludicrous availability of guns in this country,” Hastings said.

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Jim Gallagher
11:29AM JAN 21ST 2011
Once again we have a politician promoting gun control after a tragedy. While the timing is certainly inappropriate, the more pressing question is how would any new law prevent what happened? Banning high capacity magazines (HCM) didn’t work when it was first tried in the Assault Weapons Ban. That law banned the importation, manufacture, distribution, and selling but didn’t ban ownership or use. All it accomplished was to drive the price up. Ah you say, this time we’ll add ownership and use. But making a law and putting into practice are two different things. There are upwards of 10 million semi auto firearms in private hands (probably more) and if these gun owners are like me, each has multiple magazines for the weapon. It wouldn’t be a stretch so put the count of these HCM’s close to 50 million. Just how are you going to get them all back?
2:15AM JAN 21ST 2011
To pick up a gun to murder is a value judgment; we need to ban liberalism and its bias against religion and all institutions that teach the value of human life. This murderer is a product of LEFTist values or lack thereof that is destroying the very core of this country. The leftist will not stop producing these monsters, so their solution-gut our rights, don't ever think they will stop with the Second Amendment
Rick M.
1:46AM JAN 21ST 2011
Johnny Simms was on probation. It was already against the law for him to have a gun. I doubt a few extra gun control laws would have stopped him.
7:01PM JAN 20TH 2011
If criminals break laws regarding murder.... Wouldn't it follow that they'll break laws regarding guns? Not exactly rocket science, is it?

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