Heavy Hitters could Spill more Campaign Cash as Supreme Court Takes Up Contribution-Limit Challenge

The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will take up a campaign-finance case challenging limits on how much individual donors may give in political donations.

The high court will take up McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission to decide whether restrictions on total contributions are constitutional, according to Politico.

The action results from the Republican National Committee and Shaun McCutcheon, of Alabama, challenging the FEC’s contribution limits under the First Amendment. They argued the $46,200 aggregate contribution limit for political candidates and $70,800 limit for committees and PACs was “unsupported by any cognizable government interest … at any level of review.”  But, their challenged failed, as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld the aggregate limits.

The October case will be the first campaign-finance challenge to go to the Supreme Court since the landmark, three-year-old Citizen United ruling that dramatically changed the nation's political landscape. 

Should the limits be lifted, scores of wealthy donors nationwide will see their aggregate ceilings raised, which could prove beneficial to both sides of the aisle. In the last election cycle, the RNC pulled in a haul of nearly $400 million in total receipts, while the Democratic National Committee collected just under $300 million in total.


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