Hey, Obama Super-PAC: What's Good for Rush Limbaugh Should Be Good for Bill Maher

Question: If you're offended at Rush Limbaugh calling Democratic activist Sandra Fluke a "slut," why weren't you offended when Bill Maher called former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and other Republican women much worse?

Answer: Because you're way liberal and Maher is way liberal, which makes that kind of misogynistic rhetoric "allowed."

Here, from a John McCormack piece in this week's The Weekly Standard, are a few of the words and antics the political comedian got so much mileage on:

  • He called Palin a "dumb twat."
  • He described her using the C-word.
  • He called Palin and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann "boobs" and "two bimbos."
  • He joked about Rick Santorum's wife, Karen, using a vibrator.

Maher just gave $1 million to Barack Obama's super-PAC. Do you think, considering the double standard afoot here, that PAC boss Bill Burton is going to return the money to the HBO star of "Real Time With Bill Maher"?

Don't hold your breath.
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7:40PM MAR 6TH 2012
The BIG DIFFERENCE in these examples is that Maher was commenting on NATIONAL PUBLIC FIGURES. Limbaugh was personally degrading and sexually harassing a private citizen. Check your law books -- there's a HUGE difference in what's allowed when a public figure is involved.
8:45PM MAR 6TH 2012
The law books have nothing to do with it. Even if you assume she did not stretch into the realm of public figure there was nothing illegal about what was said. The issue is whether they were appropriate. No one can argue that what Rush said was any more egregious than Maher's comments. Both crossed the line. I stopped listening to both of those idiots a long time ago.
7:50PM MAR 6TH 2012
ms. fluke is indeed a public figure. she made herself a public figure. palin and bachmann are better known it's true but i think you're on a loser if you think a court of law is going to recognize fluke as a picked-on private citizen.

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