Holly Benson Backs New AZ Immigration Law

While some Florida Republicans are criticizing Arizona for its new law looking to curb illegal immigration, others are praising the measure.

Former Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Holly Benson, running in a tight Republican primary for the attorney general nomination, blasted the Los Angeles City Council today for voting to boycott business from Arizona due to new law.

“Illegal immigration is a serious problem facing our country and it is unfortunate that the Los Angeles City Council came down in support of illegal activity, over the actions of Arizona’s attempt to enforce the law,” said Benson.

“This new law in Arizona is not about racial profiling, as some would have you believe,” said Benson.  “Rather, it is about protecting our borders and ensuring that immigrants living and working in our country are doing so legally.”
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Allover Scot
8:35AM MAY 14TH 2010
AZ - Aryan Zone
ARIZONA - Aryan Republic Indo-European Zone Outsiders Need Accreditation

Surely this shall not be their mo[filtered word]r? "Tell me it ain't so." Madness! "Oh how the mighty have fallen.." Pray tell me they're just going through a dark patch, middle-aged "hot flashes."

Musings of a troubled Scot - That wee Nation who gave rise to such colossuses of "practical enlightenment" as Adams, Hume, Hutcheson & Smith. The folks who gave succour to several "founding fathers" - Hamilton, Paul-Jones, Witherspoon & sprung forth from our loin's several laddies nah titans of your enlightenment Bell, Carnegie & Muir.
4:33PM MAY 13TH 2010
The AZ Law, is the same as the Federal Imigration Law. If you enter the U.S. Illegal , that means you violated the Immigration law of the U.S. , If you enter the U.S. as a Legal Immigrant, permanent resident you are required by Law to have that said document with you all time. It's not a right to be in the U.S. it's a priviledge.We have sovereign country. This law is not about racial profiling. If this was racial profiling that means we have to change the Federal law. Also aiding and abetting is a crime, if you knowinghly hide or hire an illegal alien.

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