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House, Senate Pay Held at $29,697 a Year

Florida legislators will earn $29,697 each for the 2011-12 fiscal year, with the Senate president and House speaker in line for $41,181 each, according to a report fromthe Office of Economic and Demographic Research.

The totals, as for other statewideelected officials, remain unchanged from the past fiscal year.

The report outlines the salary for every state elected official and elected county constitutionalofficers clerk of the circuit court, property appraiser, tax collector, sheriff, supervisor of elections, county commissioner, school board members and, in select counties, school superintendent.

Salaries are set based on a formula that factors in population. Thus the salary of county commissioners in Miami-Dade County, with 2,496,435 residents, is $92,097, while the pay for their counterparts in Liberty County, population 8,365, is $23,555.

The governor, if he wasnt taking a $1 a year salary, would earn $130,273 this year.

Projected elected state officials and full-time commission members salary:

Governor, $ 130,273.

Lieutenant governor, $ 124,851.

Chief financial officer, $ 128,972.

Attorney general, $ 128,972.

Commissioner of agriculture, $ 128,972.

Supreme Court justice, $ 157,976.

Judges - District Court of Appeal, $ 150,077.

Judges - Circuit courts, $ 142,178.

Judges - County courts, $ 134,280.

State attorneys, $ 150,077.

Public defenders, $ 150,077.

Commissioner -- Public Service Commission, $ 130,036.

Public Employees Relations Commission chair, $ 95,789.

Commissioner -- parole and probation, $ 90,724.

Criminal conflict and civil regional counsels, $ 98,000.

Read the report and check for county constitutional officers' pay here.

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