'IM4Transit' Seeks 100,000 Partners to Push High-Speed Rail in Florida

The campaign to promote high-speed rail has rolled out a website, with a goal of recruiting "100,000 pro-transit Floridians."

The Florida Public Transportation Association's "IM4Transit" project is seeking "partners" to advance its efforts, and is offering $25 Publix gift cards to the first 100 people who recruit 50 friends to join up.

Check out the site here.
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1:59PM JAN 14TH 2011
This is the same McFormula political Marketing Campaign strategy pro rail supporters are and have been using in cities and states across the country. Collaboration of the media, special interests, tax payer funded agencies trolling for dollars and some politicians. Too much coziness between these taxpayer funded agencies and deep pocketed special interest pro rail supporters. Electioneering laws PREVENT taxpayer funded agencies from using taxpayer funded dollars and resources against the taxpayer. High Speed Rail is a multi billion dollar taxpayer boondoggle. Time for Congress to shut it down! Private bus service with reclining seats and wifi offer fares as low as $10 from Orlando to Tampa - we do not need a $6 billion high speed rail that will only go moderate speed because it makes so many stops to get from Orlando to Tampa. And even if private investment Is made, we do not want the FNMA/FMAC of rail in FL- we see what happened to taxpayers with FNMA/FMAC! Private investment want rail - private investment take 100% of the cost and risk. FL voters overwhelmingly repealed the bullet train in 2004 64% - 36%- FL does not want or need HSR.
11:38AM JAN 14TH 2011
It does not surprise me that they are paying for support. What is really sad is that the uninformed will think how cool it will be to ride the train. That is until they find out how much it is going to cost them to buy a ticket.

I can see it now. Ridership is down so we have to cut the cost so more people will ride. Yet all of the expenses stay the same or increase. Or will they say like most liberals, we need more taxpayer's money to "imporve" the experience of riding. Either way we lose.

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