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Internet Sales Tax Not in Rick Scott’s Shopping Cart

Gov. Rick Scott would prefer to browse a little while overFlorida TaxWatchs proposal to collect tax on Internet sales in Florida.

Governor Scott feels this is an issue we need to look at carefully, Scotts spokesman Lane Wright stated in a release Friday. Its important to ensure a level playing field for all businesses without raising the cost of living for Floridians.

On Thursday, TaxWatch released a wide-ranging list of 185 recommendations the group says could save the state up to $4.1 billion in the coming year.

Among the proposals would be to collect a tax on Internet sales that occur in Florida. TaxWatch estimates the tax could generate $50 million for Florida.

Dominic Calabro, president and CEO of Florida TaxWatch, noted that Iowa collected between $12 million and $15 million through Internet sales tax.

Wright stated the governor would prefer the issue to be handled at the federal level.

Ideally, Governor Scott feels this is an issue Congress should deal with to provide uniformity for all states, Wright stated.

Calabro said Thursdaythat if Florida lawmakers, who have been resistant to the tax, begin to collect the tax, the federal government could be forced to act to craft a nationwide standard.

If Florida participates, that dramatically increases the likelihood that Congress will act, because were the fourth largest state in the nation, Calabro said. Its increasingly important because were not only having remote sales from other states, but from other nations that are invading our market.

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