Jameel McCline Weighs in After Staffer Arrested for Domestic Incident

Former heavyweight title contender and current congressional candidate Jameel McCline weighed in on Tuesday after reports emerged that new staffer Julie Reiser was arrested over the weekend in a domestic incident with her ex-husband, who she is battling in a child custody fight. McCline is running in the Democratic primary, challenging U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla.

“While we wait for the full facts to come to light, we ask that the press and public show compassion for innocent children caught up in the middle of this melodrama, and patience in letting the legal discovery process unfold before passing judgment,” the McCline campaign said on Tuesday. “Reiser, incorrectly labeled ‘campaign director’ in an early news report, joined the McCline for Congress team only a few weeks ago. An experienced marketing talent who initially focused on scheduling and promoting campaign events, she hadn’t yet received an official title, and wasn’t part of the leadership group at the heart of this historic campaign.”

McCline pointed to the five years he served after a gun running incident when he was 18.

“I, as an ex-felon who did five years' hard time paying for a crime I committed in desperation, know all too well what it means to land on the wrong side of the criminal justice system,” McCline said. “Our hearts and prayers go out to Julie, and to the children caught up in this ugly, all-too-common domestic dispute mess. Now, we have to let the legal process unfold, and let Julie Reiser have her ‘day in court.’ And now, we have to move forward on our mission, without missing a beat, to bring a new brand of reality politics, and real progressive achievement, to Florida CD 20, and to the United States House of Representatives.”

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