Jeb Bush and Bob Wise Laud Digital Learning

Former Gov. Jeb Bush reached across the aisle on Wednesday to join former Gov. Bob Wise of West Virginia, a Democrat, and praise the educational opportunities offered by new technology.

“We share a vision for education in America,” wrote Bush and Wise. “Our vision is an education that maximizes every child’s potential for learning, prepares every child with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and careers, and launches every child into the world with the ability to pursue his or her dreams. By unleashing the power of digital learning, America has the ability to realize that vision today.

“Digital learning can customize and personalize education so all students learn in their own style at their own pace, which maximizes their chances for success in school and beyond,” continued the former governors. “With digital learning, every student – from rural communities to inner cities – can access high quality and rigorous courses in every subject, including foreign languages, math and science.”

The two former governors will continue to be active with the Digital Learning Council which will offer recomendations on implementing their ideas in Washington later in the day.

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John L.Nelson Sr.
12:05PM DEC 21ST 2010
I had the pleasuree to see and hear Bob Wise on C-Span this AM.and was amazed at what he said about the new ay of education .I am very impressed with this idea that is certainaly the trend of the future(NEAR)

John Nelaon Sr

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