Jeb Bush Lauds Tony Bennett's Accomplishments After Resignation

Jeb Bush weighed in on Tony Bennett's accomplishments after Bennett resigned from his position as the commissioner of education on Thursday, giving him high praise for his work on the education system in Indiana. 

“Tony started every day with the focus of creating a system that would equip kids to achieve their God-given potential,” said Jeb Bush, who served as governor of Florida from 1999-2007. “Today, more Hoosier kids are graduating high school ready for college or a career, fewer are dropping out. Last year, the parents of nearly 10,000 children in low-income homes were able to select the school that best fit their son or daughter. Leadership is doing what is right, knowing the results will follow. The data is clear; thanks to Tony’s leadership children are better prepared for success.”

Jeb Bush made education reform a top priority during his time as governor of the Sunshine State. 

Patricia Levesque, chief executive officer for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a national organization, and executive director of the Jeb Bush-created Foundation for Florida’s Future, also commented on Bennett’s resignation.

“Tony has been a bold champion for students, and the bottom line is students are better off thanks to him,” said Levesque. “Under Commissioner Bennett’s leadership, Indiana graduation rates increased every year, while the number of students dropping out of school decreased by 48 percent. By the end of Tony’s time as Indiana’s chief, 81 percent of students were passing the state mathematics test. While in Florida, he led passionately and put Florida on a path that will guide the transition to higher standards. He is a good man and a good friend. Florida’s students will feel the loss of his leadership the most.” 
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Filipino Gruen
9:47PM AUG 1ST 2013
This should put an end to JEB's political future. Good riddance.
Robert Annable
12:26PM AUG 1ST 2013
Gee, thanks, Jeb, you and Scott gave us a crook how was up for grabs for the highest bidder, and the statistics you use are Bennett's manufactured ones. Jeb, how much are you getting from kickbacks from charter schools. Please go back to Texas and leave Florida alone.

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