Jeb Bush Praises Tim Pawlenty on Ethanol Subsidies and 'Truth Telling'

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota hit the Sunshine State on Tuesday, a day after announcing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, and won some warm words from a favorite son of Sunshine State Republicans -- former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Bush, who reiterated the fact that he was not running for the nomination earlier in the week, praised Pawlenty for attacking federal subsidies going for ethanol -- a position which has traditionally proven unpopular in Iowa, home of the first caucus and a state the former Minnesota governor needs to do well in if his campaign is to take flight.

“I admire truth telling and T-Paw sure did it to open his campaign,” noted Bush on his Twitter account on Tuesday morning, linking to a piece in the Wall Street Journal on Pawlenty and ethanol.

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12:24PM MAY 24TH 2011
That is a brave and commendable move...

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