Jeff Atwater: Two Health Insurance Executives Concealed Insolvency

Two executives from a Tampa health insurance company have been accused of intentionally filing misleading information with the state to cover the firm’s fiscal instability.

Sabiha Haider Khan, 37, and Nazeer Haider Khan, 40, executives of Tampa-based Quality Health Plans Inc., were arrested in Leon County, having filed the paperwork with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

Both face 13 counts of felony charges.

“When insurance companies choose not to play by the rules, they put their policyholders and all Floridians at risk for their own personal gain,” Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater stated in a release. “I am proud of the diligent efforts of our fraud investigators and the work of OIR in holding companies accountable for their actions and protecting the citizens of Florida.”

The investigation was handled by the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud.

The charges allege that Sabiha Khan, CEO, and Nazeer Khan, vice president, used misleading financial statements to prolong the appearance of financial stability to allow QHP to reap financial benefits when the company had long been insolvent and did not have required assets on hand to pay claims, according to Atwater’s office.

The company was court-ordered into liquidation in December 2011, at which time all health-care coverage with QHP was cancelled and where it was revealed that the executives concealed a $5 million asset which had been collateralized for a loan at Herald National Bank in New York, according to Atwater’s office.

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Employee no more
1:07AM MAR 6TH 2015
There is never any substitute for hard work. Sadly this family thrives off of defrauding the American taxpayer of millions.
Employee no more
7:12PM APR 4TH 2013
They are at it again. This time backdating the checks to pay claims so they don't pay penalties for late payments.
Former Employee
12:51PM SEP 13TH 2012
They denied Medicare claims non-stop and refused to pay for procedures that were authorized.
They should be brought up on murder charges as well, they denied coverage and then when Medicare pulled their contract in Florida, they just opened another Quality Health Plans in New York.
They were merciless and uncaring, hope they get the same treatment.
2:47PM SEP 3RD 2012
CHeck the accounts of his immediate staff for extreme overage.
2:42PM SEP 3RD 2012
His actions and more are oaid for by LOan Sharks.So much for ethics
2:41PM SEP 3RD 2012
Jeff Attwater probably did not get his cut from PIP lawsuits,so he is retaliating.
1:56PM AUG 23RD 2012
Probably need to be looking for more bank accounts.

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