Jeff Brandes Files Bill to Expand Animal Abuse Prosecution

Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, has filed a bill, SB 504, intended to make it easier to prosecute those who abuse animals through animal fighting.

“Violence against animals is a serious problem, and I’m committed to ensuring that our law enforcement and prosecutors have the necessary tools to bring animal abusers to justice,” Brandes stated in a release. 

“I believe it’s important to prevent this type of violence, and I look forward to swift approval by the Senate.”

According to the release, the bill would allow offenders to face multiple counts of animal abuse when multiple animals are involved, amending language that typically narrows offenders to a single charge.

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Bernell Trapp
12:05AM NOV 2ND 2013
Thank U for your caring heart and standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves. God bless you!
2:43AM FEB 8TH 2013
WOW is this the repub who won 158000 to 800 thats 99.7% in an all democratic district? And no investigation for election fraud. PREDICTION- THE NEW RICK SCOTT
10:44PM FEB 2ND 2013
God bless you and yours Sir our speechless little friends need us.
9:53AM JAN 29TH 2013
Thanks Senator Brandes! Protecting animals starts with sound statutes and also citizen awareness. Every citizen should report any form of animal cruelty, especially animal fighting abuses.

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