Jeff Kottkamp Team Attacks Pam Bondi for Breaking With Conservatives on Labor Issue

Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp’s team is taking aim at former Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi for comments she made this weekend on a call-in show on WDBO in Orlando.

Bondi said she was opposed to the secret ballot in votes on unionization -- meaning she backs a key aspect of the Employee Free Choice Act which is opposed by conservatives, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

“Pam Bondi is showing her Democratic roots by supporting organized labor over small businesses across this state,” said Rockie Pennington, a consultant with the Kottkamp campaign, alluding to the fact that Bondi was a Democrat until 2000. “I knew she was a lifelong Democrat, but she claims to be a conservative now. The more we learn about the real Pam Bondi, the more we discover she’s not who she claims to be.”


The Bondi camp responded with a statement from their candidate.

“On Saturday evening, prior to Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert tour, I went on Tico Perez’s radio show in Orlando," said Bondi. "Hundreds of people were standing around us, it was difficult to hear to hear the question, and I confused the terms in discussing my opposition to card check. While I may have made a mistake in how I thought I was answering the question consistent with my views, my supporters should make no mistake that I am opposed to card check."

“I do not support the labor union-backed card check program," added Bondi. "I wholeheartedly endorse the secret ballot for union members. I am proud of Florida’s status as a right to work state, and as the Attorney General, I will vigorously stand up for that status and against card check or any other program that may allow labor union bosses to bully their membership.”


The Kottkamp quickly sent back a response of their own.

“Pam Bondi’s response that she didn’t understand the question and ‘confused the terms’ in regards to her support of union Card Checks is hard to swallow," said Pennigton. "In her own words, she thanked the caller for calling, said it was a broad question and then gave a very detailed response opposing the secret ballot for workers voting to unionize.”

“In a moment of candor where she abandoned her programmed talking points, Bondi showed her true colors – she’s a Democrat who had an election year conversion in order to run as a conservative," he added. "Except for union bosses who are looking for more dues paying members, there isn’t any right-minded American who believes the secret ballot is a bad thing.  Her own words speak values and no double talk explanation after the fact can ever take those away. Pam Bondi stands with the union bosses and against small business.”
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