Jennifer Carroll Prays for Junior Seau and Armed Forces Members

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll focused on head injuries to football players and military personnel during the National Day of Prayer ceremony held midday Thursday on the 22nd floor of the state Capitol.

Carroll, whose son Nolan Carroll II plays in the defensive secondary for the Miami Dolphins, said the apparent suicide of former San Diego Charger and Dolphin Junior Seau on Wednesday should raise concerns about "the multiple head injuries (Seau) may have received."

She added that post-traumatic stress injuries also impact many veterans who have returned from operations overseas. “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that is plaguing our military men and women,” Carroll said.

Carroll added that those feeling such stress should turn to God, a minister, family or neighbors for help. "His strength will get you over anything, any obstacle, any situation you're going through," Carroll said.

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