Jennifer Carroll Still Rick Scott's 2014 Running Mate

Gov. Rick Scott defended his lieutenant governor and sees no reason right now to seek a new running mate in 2014.

When asked during a media conference in his Capitol office on Tuesday if he intended to again run with Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, Scott questioned the enquiry.

“She’s done a great job, why wouldn't I?” Scott replied.

Scott said Carroll -- who has been the focus of criticism over how her office has been run and comments that were quickly criticized by the gay and lesbian community -- remains focused on his efforts to bring jobs to Florida and said she did the right thing by apologizing for her comments.

Carroll had told a Tampa TV reporter last month that it was ridiculous to believe she might have had a fling with a female staffer, as a former staffer has alleged, because "black women who look like me don't engage in relationships like that."

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