John Patrick Julien Passes Away After Battle with Cancer

Former state Rep. John Patrick Julien, who lost a close battle for a state House seat last year, passed away on Friday after a battle with cancer. 

Julien was born in Haiti and emigrated to New York at the age of 7. In 1986, he moved to Miami where he resided in Kendall and later moved to Homestead. Julien became active in politics by working on elections in Homestead, Florida City, North Miami Beach and a few county commission seats. After moving to North Miami Beach in 2002, Julien decided to run for public office, and in 2005 he was elected to the North Miami Beach City Council where he served three consecutive terms.

Julien was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2010, but lost his House seat in one of the state’s most hotly contested primaries, by a mere 13 votes, to Rep. Barbara Watson of Miami Gardens. 

The Florida house incorrectly said Julien had passed away on Thursday. The statement was later retracted.  
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6:15PM SEP 27TH 2013
3:00PM SEP 27TH 2013
RIP, he was a class act!

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