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John Thrasher: Florida State 'Deeply Concerned' About Trump's Deportation Order

John ThrasherFormer Florida senator and current president of Florida State University John Thrasher said he's troubled by President Donald Trump's deportation order on refugees.

"Florida State University is deeply concerned about the administration’s new policy preventing the entry of citizens of seven foreign countries to the United States for the next 90 days," Thrasher said Sunday. "At universities nationwide, confusion and uncertainty are causing disruption and worry among students, researchers, faculty and staff who are citizens of the countries involved in the ban, as well as their colleagues and friends."

Thrasher said FSU was reviewing information regarding the ramifications of the order and said the university was advising international members of the FSU community to not make any plans to leave the United States.

"We all know that our university has long been enriched and strengthened by the cultural and intellectual diversity these scholars contribute," Thrasher said. "In the classroom, the laboratory, institutes, centers and colleges, they are conducting vitally important work that adds to the body of knowledge while broadening the educational experience for all FSU students. We appreciate them, and their safety and security will be our highest priority."

Thrasher served in the Florida Senate from 2009-2014. 



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Additionally, I would appreciate it if the author of this article would actually read the executive order and correct the title of this article to accurately reflect what it actually says instead of calling it a "deportation order". With all due respect, Incorrect reporting on this issue is a major source of the confusion surrounding it.

I think the students might appreciate that this temporary moratorium will result in a proper vetting process that will offer greater protections for all students and their families regardless of nationality. As Mr. Thrasher is well aware, congress has kicked this can down the road for too long in the past. Proper vetting of those entering out country benefits anyone living, working or visiting in our country. We can embrace our history and values of legal immigration while protecting the occupants of this country from those that would do us harm. If congress spent more time fixing issues than they do talking about fixing them we would not have these problems.

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