Judge Jackie Fulford, of Retirement System Case, Sidelined by Injuries

Leon County Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford, at the center of the dispute between state employees and the Legislature over employee contributions to the Florida retirement system, will be out until next week because of injuries she suffered in a biking accident, her office said Tuesday.

Fulford, who in September struck down the Legislature's plan to privatize some South Florida correctional facilities because it was approved as part of the budget last year rather than a stand-alone bill, was due to rule on the Florida Education Association and public-employees unions' suit against the contribution requirement last Friday.

Her office is unsure if a ruling would have to wait until next week.

On Friday, House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, said the pension decision shouldn’t affect ongoing Florida budget plans, because he expects the case, no matter the verdict, will be challenged.

Read more about Judge Fulford.

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12:03PM FEB 29TH 2012
Or perhaps, the judge is simply human and prone to accidents like all other humans. You people need to get over the conspiracy issues.
10:52AM FEB 29TH 2012
Sounds like a mob hit...
Marian O'Neal
6:05PM MAR 1ST 2012
My thoughts as well. Seems a little fishy to me. But justice will prevail!!!
Solidarity for ALL!!!!
Jan Scott
5:36AM FEB 29TH 2012
Bike accident? Or the Governor sending a message? Perhaps she isn't as easy a mark as Medicare.

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