Sens. Hutchison, Nelson: 'We’re Not Giving up on Space Flight'

Hailing from states heavily invested in the space industry, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Orlando, jointly released a column declaring that it is “vital that NASA remain committed to our national space exploration plan.”

“If we are to move forward, we must avoid a false competition between our long-range space exploration goals -- the moon, Mars and beyond -- and commercialized ferrying of cargo and crew members to the space station,” the column stated.

“In fact, both programs are essential. Assisting development of commercial space capabilities will eliminate America's reliance on the Russian Soyuz system for crew transportation to low-Earth orbit, while developing our next-generation heavy launch capability is a necessity if we are to expand space exploration beyond Earth, to Mars and beyond.

“Space exploration is not inexpensive. But the money America has spent on its space program has proven to be a wise investment.”

Read the column here.

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