Koch Brothers, Others Pledge $100 Million to Knock Off Obama

Watch as 2012 becomes the most moneyed presidential campaign on record.

Last quarter, President Barack Obama raised $68 million, unprecedented for a sitting president a full year before his re-election bid. Now David and Charles Koch, billionaire businessmen known for their donations to conservative causes, have together pledged $60 million to defeat Obama. Plus, their friends kicked in another $40 million.

Reports the Huffington Post, the Kochs and their conservative friends made their pledge last week at a private retreat for donors and strategists. Which shouldn't be too surprising to anybody, given the president's attacks on both Kochs in his speeches.

In fact, the brothers' lawyer wrote about those attacks in The Wall Street Journal last Wednesday, likening the treatment Obama gives them to Richard Nixon's enemies list, and saying his clients have been "selected as an attractive political punching bag by the president's re-election team."

Nevertheless, $100 million is a lot of money. It shows how this tooth-and-nail fight is going to go with the advent of Super PACs.

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Sam Osborne
5:18PM FEB 5TH 2012
If you did not personally know about this it may be because at last year’s gathering hundreds of activists protested outside its walled-off resort venue, but this year info on the get-together was held close to the vest and it came off quietly.

Koch brothers only bet on a sure thing and that is who they now got in their pocket---Mitt Romney shamming to be just like the fabled self-made Walter Mitty, but with Mitt it has been his heroic struggle up from opulence.

Romney reflects the ridiculous insistence of what is left of the Republican Party: that everyone must toady to the likes of the Koch boys that pull the GOP purse strings, loot the nation’s wealth, ration opportunity and rake in tailings of the nation’s trashed out future. They don’t even like Mitt but intend to palm him off on the rest of us.

For his part, Mitt keeps sticking his silver foot in his mouth. Now he fears not for those at the economic bottom or top. He really cares about folks like himself that hold a 00.006% slice of the nation’s upper wealth, minus the 00.005% a bit higher up and throw away the 99.994% bottom rest of us.

Mitt is out of touch and neither understands nor cares about the destitute, working poor and declining middle class that struggle up from poverty by working to make ends meet.

As a grander version of all of us, Mitt pictures his struggle up from opulence, and with booku dollars and not a scintilla of sense he now extols the endorsement THE DONALD, a guy who just pretends to have the same big bucks.

As was posted on the web under the mo[filtered word]r crescentfang: “Donald Trump, the man who ran a TV program based on firing people. Not the endorsement I would want during a recession.” ---And not necessarily a winning class-warfare stratagem.

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