BREAKING! Lenny Curry: RPOF Might Rent a 'Platform' for Nan Rich to Speak at Florida Democrat Gala

RPOF Chair Lenny Curry is consulting with staff members to discuss ways to obtain a platform for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich to address Democrats gathering for the annual Jefferson-Jackson Gala, set for June 15-16 in Hollywood.

Curry has long urged state Democrats to give Rich -- a 12-year state legislator, former Senate minority leader, and so far the only declared Democratic candidate for governor -- a platform to address her party for just five minutes at the annual gala, an opportunity she's so far been denied.

Asked by a reporter why the RPOF itself hasn't offered her the platform it insists she deserves, Curry responded, "I've actually had that conversation, but our rules prohibit us from extending invitations to non-Republicans. If [RPOF] rules didn't prohibit it, I'd be happy to."

He then added:

"You know what? Maybe I can rent a place and offer her a podium and microphone somewhere down there the same night as the dinner ... I'm going to talk to my people and see if we can make this happen."
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