Libertarian Adrian Wyllie Resigns From Florida's Fix the Debt Leadership

Gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie, a businessman and veteran who has led the Florida Libertarian Party, announced in a letter on Thursday that he was resigning from the state committee leading Fix the Debt. Wyllie is a heavy favorite to be the Libertarian gubernatorial nominee in 2014.

Wyllie insisted the group was “more interested in public relations than real solutions” and pointed to his frustrations in a recent conference when he attempted to oppose efforts to support raising the debt ceiling and was not even recognized.

The full letter follows:

As of this moment, I serve on the Florida steering committee for Fix The Debt, which “is a nonpartisan movement to put America on a better fiscal and economic path.”

I was originally honored to have been selected to serve in this national organization, which I believed was dedicated to truly resolving America’s national debt crisis.

I was excited to be a part of a group which included many U.S. congressmen, senators, Cabinet members, and CEOs. I thought this would be an excellent venue to collaborate on ideas to solve our debt, deficit, and currency crises. I welcomed the opportunity to have the ear of people like Erskine Bowles, Sen. Alan Simpson, Sen. Judd Gregg, and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Republicans, Democrats, independents, and at least one Libertarian, working together to solve a serious problem. It seemed to be an excellent idea.

Early on in our initial press conferences and conference calls, I noticed that the leaders of the organization seemed to be more interested in public relations than in actual solutions. Their focus seemed to be explaining to the American people that ever-increasing debt is inevitable, while making them believe Congress was doing the best they could under the circumstances.

I brought up issues like quantitative easing and the potential for runaway inflation. I was met with awkward silences and dismissive platitudes.

As time went on, I attempted to, on several occasions. steer the conversation toward fixing the root causes of economic problems, such as ex nihilo fiat currency and fractional reserve lending.

My objections and suggestions fell on deaf ears. I was treated as the token Libertarian shouting that the emperor has no clothes.

The most recent conference call I participated in was on Oct. 2nd. The topic was the government shutdown and the debt ceiling increase. The leaders were providing talking points to the members on how the debt ceiling must be raised, and how we must be “smart” about raising it.

In fact, they were operating under the confident assumption that the debt ceiling would be raised. It was as if they knew it would happen via insider information. The not-so-subtle implied message was that we, the members, must spin it in the “right way” on their behalf.

I attempted to obtain the floor in order to speak out in opposition to their conclusion that the debt ceiling must be raised.

They would not recognize me. I was not heard.

It is now crystal clear to me that Fix The Debt has a single purpose, it has nothing to do with actually fixing the debt.

Their purpose is to give political cover to Congress for their fiscal transgressions against the American people; and to encourage political leaders, community leaders, and business leaders to drink the Kool Aid and disseminate the propaganda.

Therefore, I hereby immediately and publicly resign from Fix the Debt.

You will no longer use my name to lend undeserved credibility to your organization. I will no longer be a party to the fleecing of America’s future, nor will I provide aid and comfort to a Congress and president whose actions border on treason.

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Robert R
10:49PM OCT 19TH 2013
Wylie and the people controlling the Libertarian party of Florida are actually GOP moles and right-wing nuts who expelled the actual Libertarians and use the Party to make Libertarians look bad.

So instead of something productive we see this grandstanding. Wylie also drives around without a license trying to make people think that's a Libertarian issue.

Sadly this has also happened to many US State LP's as well.
George Whitfield
8:22AM OCT 19TH 2013
Good for you, Mr. Wyllie. You really understand the serious problem our nation is facing. I will be voting for you for Governor of Florida.

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