Lucky Us: More Environmental Lawyers Set Up Shop in Florida

Oh, goody. Just what Florida needs. Another gaggle of lawyers using the environment as an excuse to sue the pants off us.

The Center for Biological Diversity, founded in 1989 and based in Tucson, Ariz., says its new office in St. Petersburg will help expand its role in fighting to conserve biodiversity in the Southeast.

More specifically, that role is filing petitions and suing over endangered species.

Asked if the center will be filing more litigation in Florida through its new office, CBD staff attorney Jaclyn Lopez said, "I think that is a safe conclusion. We have a history of working in the region."

I'll say.

CBD petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2010 to have 404 southeastern species associated with rivers, creeks and wetlands protected under the Endangered Species Act. Last September, the agency announced it would review 374 freshwater species across the Southeast, including 114 in Florida, to see if they deserve legal protection.

Be warned. With development and home building virtually at a standstill, these folks will be trolling all the harder for someone to take to court.

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3:58PM MAY 9TH 2012
When one acts illegally, expect more lawyers.
When one acts unconstitutionally, expect more lawyers.
When one acts arrogantly about the law, expect more lawyers.
When one tries to privatize all government, expect more lawyers.
When one demonizes water management districts, expect more lawyers.
When one removes needed environmental protections, expect more lawyers.
When one guts growth management, expect more lawyers.
When one ties the hands of local governments to act, expect more lawyers.
When one does all these things together, you get lawsuits by lawyers.

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