Marco Rubio Bashes Democrats over Obama's Health Care Law

Taking aim at President Barack Obama’s health care law in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show on Friday, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., attacked Democrats on the issue, comparing them to treating Americans like children.

“As far as the Democrats are concerned, I think they honestly believe, some of them, that once this kicks in people will be happy with it because it will improve their lives in so many ways,” Rubio said. “Their attitude about it is, well, you know, the attitude of a parent toward a child. You know, ‘Take your medicine. We know it tastes bad, but you’ll thank us later for it.’ That’s the attitude they’ve adopted about it. The truth is, that’s not the way it’s going to work out and it’s already hurting real people.”

Hannity noted health care premiums went up 40 percent in Florida and Rubio insisted Medicare was also being hurt due to the health care law.

“It’s not just rates going up,” Rubio said. “It’s people that have coverage that they’re happy with. You know, over 77 percent of Americans have health insurance. Many of them, most of them are happy with what they have and many of them are going to lose that coverage. They’re going to get thrown to a new insurance plan. Perhaps lose the doctor they’ve been seeing all these years. Let me tell you another group that’s going to be really hurting. Not enough has been talked about this – these people on Medicare Advantage. My mom’s on Medicare Advantage. It’s one of the only choice options available to seniors. They’re going to lose benefits because Obamacare took money out of Medicare Advantage, not to strengthen the Medicare program but to fund Obamacare. So pretty soon, seniors are going to get a letter in the mail saying, you no longer have coverage for these additional services that you once used to get on your Medicare Advantage plan. I mean it’s bad all the way around. It hurts every segment of our economy and every segment of our society.”

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