Rubio: Great Obama Changed on HHS Mandate but Health-Care Law Needs to Go

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has been one of the leading critics of the Department of Health and Human Services' mandate that employers must provide birth-control coverage -- even companies affiliated with religious institutions opposed to birth control.

With President Barack Obama retreating from that mandate on Friday, Rubio said the health-care law the Democrat incumbent signed in 2010 needs to be repealed so religious liberty and other rights can remain secure.

“It’s good that the president reaffirmed that the federal government cannot force faith-based institutions to provide services that they teach are wrong,” Rubio said. “Unfortunately, as more of these rules are written, our constitutional rights will continue to be threatened by the administration’s policy goals. This issue exemplifies the problem with putting the federal government in charge of health care, and shows why we must fully repeal Obamacare."
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12:06AM FEB 11TH 2012
There is no compromise when it comes to the First Amendment or the Bill of Rights. The idea that any president is able to decree what a church does or does not do belongs in some totalitarian state in which the Constitution is not the basis for the rule of law. Beware--that non-constitutional government is rapidly approaching. Our only hope is that the People will recognize the danger.
Mike M
3:26PM FEB 10TH 2012
Mr. Rubio,
Obama has not corrected anything with his revision to the mandate. He's simply changed the wording for the same thing. There's no real difference between paying for insurance that covers contraception and paying for an insurance plan that says it doesn't cover contraception, where the insurance company will provide the contraception coverage when asked.

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