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Marco Rubio Starts Selling Broken 'Trump Watches'

Marco Rubio has a new item for sale on his campaign website -- a broken 'Trump watch.'

The inspiration for the new store item comes from Thursday evening's GOP debate where Rubio told Trump he would be "selling watches in Manhattan" if he hadn't inherited $200 million. The remarks came from the back-and-forth between the two candidates when Trump mentioned Rubio took a loss on a house he bought.

The "broken watch" runs for $10, but buyers won't actually get a watch. The site notes the purchase is just a donation to help Rubio stop Trump.


Marco Rubio is a child with no experience, he is a puppet for the rep establishment they just want to keep controlling the americans money keeping them poor and keeping themselves rich. VOTE DONALD TRUMP, TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK PEOPLE. GET RID OF BIG GOVERNMENT!

Really? This is so juvenile but then I guess that is politics........................

The remark that Rubio made was an insult to the average American blue collar worker. He should be trying to amend the remark, not publicize it. Plus, I truly believe that if Marco Rubio's father had left him a million dollars, he would have frittered it away and be broke by now. Let's face it, Rubio is not good with money. Rubio should be running from this remark, not promoting it. This is the stupidest idea that I have seen in a long, long, time. Go Trump!!

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