Marco Rubio Takes Aim at Obamacare Website

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., took aim at the website launched by President Barack Obama’s administration as the federal health-care law starts to take effect.

"It is clear the Obamacare roll-out has been a disaster that has further eroded the American people's confidence in the federal government's ability to keep basic promises,” Rubio said on Monday. 

“With all the problems and errors with the Obamacare website, people should collect as much evidence as they can from their experiences in order to protect themselves from potential fraud, double billing, and penalties once the mandate is enforced. While the errors with the website have been well-documented in the media, it's important that every consumer who is unable to register keep a record of the specific errors they encounter on the website because of the threat of potential government fines for failing to enroll in the future. Make no mistake: the IRS will go after anyone who fails to meet the Obamacare requirements, so it's important that consumers document the online problems."

Rubio also ripped the launch of the federal health-care website appearing on Fox News Sunday.

“You know, they need to get 7 million people on this thing,” Rubio said. “At the rate they’re going, even by their own numbers, it’s not going to get there. Of course, many of these people that have filled this out certainly made mistakes, some won’t qualify. Beyond that, there is a lot of work to be done in terms of getting people on there, and there is no mechanism for them to be able to do that.

“In the 21st century, setting up a website where people can go on and buy something is not that complicated,” Rubio added. “People do this every single day. The inability of the federal government to set up a website where people can go on and buy something like health insurance does not bode well for the much more complicated elements of this law that are yet to be rolled out.”


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Janene Hague
4:06PM OCT 21ST 2013
He has no clue what it takes to implement something this incredible. I think there are definite problems, but people who have no experience in this cannot imagine what a job it is. Besides conservatives have done everything they can to make sure it doesn't work. No respect for Rubio.

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