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Marco Rubio Takes Aim at Obama's Immigration Plan

President Barack Obama unveiled a new proposal on Thursday night on immigration, giving around 5 million illegals a path to stay in the United States without fear of deportation.

Our immigration system is broken, Obama said in a White House address on Thursday night. Everybody knows it.

Obamas proposal offers a path to temporary residency to 5 million illegal immigrants if they register and pass a criminal background check. Under his action, illegal immigrants with children who are citizens, will be able to live and work in the U.S. for three years. It also shifts border security efforts against terrorists and criminals instead of illegals in general.

Pushing back against Republican critics, Obama noted former presidents used executive power on immigration reform and called on Congress to pass a bill. Obama also fired back on claims he is offering amnesty to illegal immigrants.

I know some of the it amnesty. Well, its not, Obama said. "Mass amnesty would be unfair. Mass deportation would be both impossible and contrary to our character. What I'm describing is accountability a commonsense, middle ground approach.

"If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law, Obama insisted. If you're a criminal, you'll be deported. If you plan to enter the U.S. illegally, your chances of getting caught and sent back just went up."

On Friday, Obama plans to rally support for his immigration plan in Las Vegas at an event with U.S. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who will become minority leader when the GOP takes control of the Senate in January.

Obamas plan drew the fire of Florida Republicans. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., a champion of immigration reform and part of the Senate's "Gang of Eight," said Obama's actions were not helping the cause.

We need immigration reform," Rubio said. "But the right way to do it is to first bring illegal immigration under control by securing the borders and enforcing the laws, then modernizing our legal immigration system. After we do these things, we will eventually have to deal with those here illegally in a reasonable but responsible way. The presidents actions now make all of this harder and are unfair to people in our immigration system who are doing things the right way.

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