Mark Kirk Backs Mitt Romney for President

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., announced on Monday he is backing former Gov. Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination.

“In order to revitalize our economy and repair our relationships abroad, I will need to work with leaders like Senator Kirk,” Romney said in a statement. “He has provided leadership in the Senate on the issues I am fighting for in my campaign. I am honored to have his support.”

“President Romney will cut spending, repeal the health care law and restore private-sector economic growth. He is a foreign policy hawk who will stand up to Iran,” Kirk said. “As a Massachusetts governor, he knows how to work with Democrats and independents. As the head of the Salt Lake City Olympics, he worked with dozens of countries in organizing an international triumph for the United States. America needs his managerial talent, team-building spirit and hard-nosed sense of economic common sense.”

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