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Michele Bachmann Gets a Lift From Tea Party Express

Tea Party Express, the nations largest tea party political action committee, gave a boost Monday to Rep. Michele Bachmann's presidential bid.

While the Tea Party Express has not endorsed a presidential candidate at this time, Michele Bachmann garners strong tea party support because of her work and commitment to restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington, D.C.," said Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer.

"We have been pleased with Congresswoman Bachmanns contributions to this presidential race and to the tea party movement by focusing attention on the need to end the out-of-control government spending and skyrocketing national debt. She is a champion of tea party values, as she campaigns for fiscal responsibility and the principles of a limited federal government laid out in the U.S. Constitution."

Kremer opposed any efforts to push Bachmann or any other candidates out of the race before the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, saying, "In order to develop the best candidate, we must allow for a competitive process in Iowa and the early primary and other caucus states.Lets let the voters in Iowa choose the leading candidates to go forward from the many excellent candidates we have."

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