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Mike Haridopolos Wants 'Better Ideas,' Not Anti-Obama Rhetoric

When the GOPs presidential and senatorial candidates speak during events this week in Orlando, Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos wants to hear better ideas instead of simply opposition to President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

If you like my politics or dislike my politics, before I was elected Senate president I had an agenda, he said. Once I was elected Senate president, I told people exactly what that agenda was before we started last year and then we passed that agenda as a team. They were not anti [Obama], they were reforms to pensions, health care, education, welfare.

Haridopolos, who hasnt endorsed any of the national candidates, said the GOP would be better served in 2012 by presidential and U.S. Senate candidates, who emerge from the primary contests, running on their own platform instead of as the anti-Obama.

I want to hear, not how bad Obama is or the Democrats or the liberals are, I want to hear their ideas should they serve in the United States Senate or as president of the United States, Haridopolos said during a sit-down with reporters on Tuesday in the Senate president's conference room.

We know President Obama probably isnt the best president we can have. Thats fine. But I dont want to see a repeat of the 96 Dole-Clinton race where they just ran against Clinton, Haridopolos continued. I want to see someone who is going to say, If you elect me as president of the United States Im going to reform the federal government, much like we did at the state level. And were going to offer more positive ideas to contrast with the current idea of the Democratic Party.

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