Mike Huckabee Urges Conservatives to Back Common Core Standards

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination back in 2008, came out swinging on Tuesday in defense of Common Core Standards in education. He sent a letter to lawmakers in Oklahoma, urging them to support Common Core.

“It’s disturbing to me there have been criticisms of these standards directed by other conservatives including the RNC,” Huckabee wrote. “The truth of the matter is, these criticisms are short-sighted.

“Like many of you, I’ve heard the argument these standards ‘threaten local control’ of what’s being taught in Oklahoma classrooms,” continued Huckabee. “Speaking from one conservative to another, let me assure you this simply is not true. States and local school districts will determine how they want to teach kids, what curriculum to use, and which textbooks to use.

“These Common Core State Standards evolved as governors and state leaders were talking about what we could do together to raise standards – not a Washington solution, but a voluntary effort on the part of the leaders of the states. In fact, conversations about these standards began long before President Obama occupied the White House,” Huckabee insisted. “Common Core State Standards are a state-driven solution to address the large number of high school graduates who have to take remedial courses in college. In your state of Oklahoma, six out of every 10 students who go to college need remedial courses. That’s a lot of money being thrown out of the window by families who’ve worked hard to be able to send their child to college. Imagine finding out your child’s ACT test score wasn’t high enough to get her into college, or that she, if she did get in, ended up taking two semesters worth of classes that don’t count toward her college degree. That means you’re paying university prices for what your child was supposed to learn for free in high school.”

Huckabee, who is generally regarded as a social conservative instead of an economic one, insisted that Common Core would help gear students toward future jobs.

“From an economic and workforce development perspective, these standards are critical. Innovation driving the successful companies in Oklahoma requires them to have the best people,” Huckabee wrote. “That means having an education system that consistently delivers a quality education so that every child graduates high school prepared for college and career. These standards ensure Oklahoma remains competitive in the race to attract companies with the highest paying jobs for Oklahomans that deserve nothing less. Not only do these standards help the Oklahoma economy, they also help the families serving our country. Children of military families will not fall behind when their parents, who’ve chosen to defend our freedom, are asked to move from Fort Benning, Ga., to Fort Sill in Lawton or Vance Air Force Base in Enid.

“I hope you’ll join me and other conservatives, including many Oklahoma parents, educators and business leaders, in making it known these standards are valuable for our future,” Huckabee wrote in conclusion. “They’re not something to be afraid of; indeed, they are something to embrace.”


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9:26AM AUG 3RD 2014
Huckabee works for FoxNews. Rupert Murdoch is in it for the $$. Is it really worth your soul Mr. Huckabee?
9:26AM AUG 3RD 2014
Huckabee works for FoxNews. Rupert Murdoch is in it for the $$. Is it really worth your soul Mr. Huckabee?
7:58AM DEC 16TH 2013
I don't care what it started out as......It has become a socialist agenda to brain wash our children. I for one am so sick of you fools and your lies .
Alison Rampersad
3:11PM SEP 22ND 2013
Governor Huckabee, you need to do more research on Common Core Standards. If you are truly a conservative, you'll know why Oklahomans and citizens across this great land oppose Common Core - one-size-fits-all, federally mandated standards, curriculum, and testing; math standards that will put our children another 2 years behind the rest of the world; English language standards that are far below what our children need; total infringement of parental rights; penalties for undue local "tweaking" or not following the curriculum; and astronomical costs to the taxpayers. And if that's not enough for you, it's not in the purview of the federal government to stick its nose into education (any more than it already has with the Department of Education). Therefore, Common Core is unconstitutional. Better take another look, Governor.
1:24AM JUN 13TH 2013
WHAT THE HECK? WHO'S SIDE IS THIS CHAP ON? DDoes he know this is a big government power grab. The feds are dumbing down and indoctrinated our children with this Agenda 21 Common Core standard. It plainly states in Agenda 21 book that you can purchase from who else but the UN Bookstore. They are purposely dumbing down our children because dumb people are more likely to go along with their unconstitutional government. Huckabee is support this? I am shocked!
Becki vowles
11:56PM JUN 11TH 2013
Huckabee is drinking the political power kook-aid and is most likely fine with United Nations CRC as they all go together, stemming from UN Agenda 21
He needs prayer that the veil will be lifted and he will be able to see the LIGHT.
8:04AM JUN 11TH 2013
Get on the right side of history and turn away from these standards, Mike!
Andi C.
11:55PM JUN 10TH 2013
Dig deeper. On the surface, it sounds good, however, the agenda & people driving this sweeping overhaul behind the backs of citizens are not so good. The federal money that is at stake is doing the talking in the states that have adopted common core standards. The dept. of ed. in my state won't answer any specific questions asked at the informational meetings they held across the state. Why not? We have lost control of our schools unless we stand against this.
Cora Brush
11:38PM JUN 10TH 2013
Your position on this issue is unbelievable!!!! CC is a Federal over reach, Federal government does not have the right to have any choice in my childs education. They don't have the right to change FERPA laws so they can share my children's personal information with anyone who may have an educational interest. I cannot believe that you are ok with data mining.. given what's happening with the IRA and NSA at the moment.

People who were chosen to be on the validation committee wouldn't sign off on the Standards, because they believe they aren't as good as some states are already using. Look up Sandra Stotsky (ELA expert) and James Milgram (math expert). They both believe that the so called standards will not make students college ready.

The only people who stand to gain anything with CCS is big corporations. Bill and Melinda Gates, your boss at FOX Rupert Murdoch, and many others. You have to ask yourself do big corporations belong in our children's education any more than they belong in our health care?

My suggestion before you go further with your support of CCS, check into it further.
11:26PM JUN 10TH 2013
How Do The Common Core State Standards Relate To Programs For The Gifted? 
The adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will have significant implications for teachers. The CCSS calls for general education teachers to recognize and address student learning differences, and incorporate rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills.  Despite the obvious connection to the field of gifted education, the nature of advanced work beyond the CCSS is not addressed.  In fact, the authors of the CCSS state, “The Standards do not define the nature of advanced work for students who meet the Standards prior to the end of high school” (English Language Arts Standards, p. 6).  
Although the CCSS are considered to be more rigorous than most current state standards, they fall short in meeting the specific needs of gifted learners, and if held strictly to the standard, could actually limit learning.  To overcome this pitfall, it is imperative that gifted educators create a full range of supports for high-ability learners through differentiated curriculum, instruction, and assessments.
In addition, it will become increasingly more important for gifted education coordinators, facilitators, and teachers to reaffirm and advocate for the need for specialized services for academically advanced and high-potential students. Beyond providing direct student services, gifted education professionals play an important role in the translation of the CCSS to the classroom by collaborating with other teachers and serving as a valuable resource for implementing differentiated curriculum and assessment.  Gifted education professionals may also need to expand their role and act as a mentor/peer coach in providing sustained, job-embedded professional development to school personnel to ease implementation issues.  Moreover, the research base from gifted education can contribute to the professional development that school administrators may need to support complex curriculum and deep student learning.
Karen lafferty
11:19PM JUN 8TH 2013
Sorry mike, can 't agree with you on this one. It would take education from the local people more,than it already has.
Peter Lee
4:43PM JUN 6TH 2013
Lets explain the false choices that advocates of Common Core (CC) promote ...

In the article, Mike Huckabee promoted CC with this statement "...States and local school districts will determine how they want to teach kids, what curriculum to use, and which textbooks to use."

The statement is absolutely true. It is just as true as the fact that people "choose" to drive on the correct side of the road. There are severe consequences for choosing differently.

Lets take this in pieces:

Local choice of textbooks -
The major textbook publishers were part of CC development. They stand to make huge profits from your child's education for the initial implementation of CC and for each subsequent/inevitable revision of the standards because school systems will be forced to purchase new products from them each time. A state or county may choose to find a smaller company and pay more for the books for their students but how could they justify the additional expense to the taxpayers? The large companies would undoubtedly price out any strong competition until they were weakened, purchased, or forced to close. The choice? Buy our CC books or suffer the consequences.

A choice of Curriculum:
CC is a complete journey through the education system. High stakes testing follows children throughout their childhood into their college entrance exams. These tests don't only measure the students. They become measurements of the teacher, school, county and state. Funding, raises, and even whether or not a teacher will keep his/her job are all impacted. With these high stakes if the science tests, for example, will focus on renewable energy as a replacement for fossil fuels, a teacher's curriculum is obligated to provide the same focus. If an environmental agenda, such as saving the spotted owl or saving the rainforest, is inserted into the word problems of a CC math textbook, teachers won't have the ability to destroy school property or hide the students eyes before they see it. If the civics tests ask questions about the UN bill of rights then a teacher can either choose to teach it or ensure his/her students will fail those questions. The choice? Lose your job, lose funding, or teach common core.

A choice of "how" to teach:
In order to ensure that students are learning the information designated on the high stakes tests, more and more classrooms are scripted. Classes are paced so that all of the test material is covered prior to exam days. This is done across the school system. On the same day students in the same classes will be learning the same things. If the students in one class need more time, too bad, we must move on. If students in a different class are ready to move on, too bad, we need to stay on schedule. Some classes are literally scripted where the teacher is instructed what to say throughout the day to ensure the "program", provided by those textbook companies, is being adhered to. Teachers are evaluated throughout the year to ensure they are following the administration's view of proper school education. The choice? Follow the plan or find another occupation.

History teaches us that tyrants need to control the education system in order to use it to turn generations away from "self Evident" truths. A measure of brainwashing is needed to cause people to resist the natural laws involved with the concepts of life, liberty, privacy, property, and prosperity. We do not suggest that Mike Huckabee or any other current promoter of CC is a tyrant. However the centralized nature, the federal involvement and the intrusive data gathering make CC a customized tool for a future tyrant to utilize with ease. Our founding fathers developed a nation which placed limits on the capabilities of government. They did not fear that George Washington would become a tyrant. They knew that power corrupts and future tyrants would seize upon whatever power it was afforded. For todays promoters, Common Core provides a powerful tool to guide education throughout the country. For tomorrow's tyrants it does the same. A power that is not given cannot be abused.


Peter Lee
East Side Tea Party, Orlando
Steve Phillips
7:28PM JUN 6TH 2013
I was going to leave a comment,but Peter Lee said it all,excellent Peter,I will only add one thing,when it come to Mr. Huckabee,FOLLOW THE MONEY.
8:22AM JUN 15TH 2013
My thoughts exactly! There has to be a financial benefit for Mr. Huckabee!!

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