Mitt Romney's Team Continues to Attack Gingrich on Moon Idea

While Rick Santorum swept contests in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri on Tuesday, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney focused his fire on another GOP contender -- Newt Gingrich -- on Wednesday.

The Romney camp has been pounding Gingrich’s call for a colony on the moon. Gingrich returned to the idea in Ohio on Tuesday. In Dayton, Gingrich said, “This is the difference between the Republican establishment, which is the cheap version of the Democratic establishment. I mean, why did my two Republican competitors instinctively decide we couldn’t go into space? Because they’re cheap.”

This comment led to more fire from the Romney camp.

“Speaker Gingrich just doesn’t seem to get it,” said Amanda Henneberg. “Our staggering national debt and recurring deficits are jeopardizing America’s fiscal future -- yet he attacks critics of his moon-base proposal for being ‘cheap’ and ‘stingy.’ Combined with his record as the ‘granddaddy of earmarks’ and his past criticism of fiscal conservatives, it’s not surprising that his campaign hasn’t left the launch pad.”
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