More Doubts Arise Over Grayson's '40 Percent' in CD8 Poll

The five-way race in Central Florida's 8th Congressional District gets more and more interesting.

Republican Daniel Webster's camp tells me that Rep. Alan Grayson's internal poll showing the Democrat with 40 percent of the vote bore no resemblance to reality. The poll showed Webster with 27 percent and the remaining 33 percent "other" or undecided.

Yesterday, NPA candidate George Metcalfe added his skepticism.

"Grayson won in 2008 with 52 percent of the vote, which mirrors the support given to Barack Obama in the same election. Obama’s numbers have fallen, but unlike President Obama, Mr. Grayson has insulted and antagonized his voters with malicious and egotistic tirades," said Metcalfe, who calls himself a conservative independent.

Metcalfe estimates Grayson's support is "somewhere in the low to mid 20s, maybe 26 percent."  

The field certainly appears to be splintered with TEA candidate Peg Dunmire raising respectable chunks of money and write-in (Whig) candidate Steve Gerritzen also in the mix.

Though highly unscientific and right-leaning, purports to show Democrats in the district giving Grayson an "F," and only 5 percent of the respondents saying they would re-elect him.

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5:39PM SEP 16TH 2010
it's funny people are discrediting the polling. I mean it was done by a company (Public Policy Polling) who is a well known national brand who tends to be pretty reliable. It's not done by these no-name stratigic firms that are usually used for internal polling
12:22PM SEP 14TH 2010
I think the poll is probably inaccurate also, I think that Dunmire is in the lead.
Look, Webster lost 60% of the vote in the GOP primary. Most of the other candidates were tea party types whose supporters will not vote for Webster, paid endorsements not withstanding.
Grayson's 52% was identical to Obama's 52% with a surge in pro-Democratic vote.
NPA voters are swinging for Dunmire in huge numbers.
It's Dunmire's to lose.
Webster and RPOF have done a dozen polls, how come they haven't released any of them?
12:18AM SEP 15TH 2010
Don't be like Grayson. You know the truth. Dunmire may get 2% of the vote. No poll shows her getting more than 5%. Be straight with us, that's what we expect from you. All you have online is your word.
12:30PM SEP 14TH 2010
good point about no RPOF polls!
Michael K.
12:26PM SEP 14TH 2010
Dunmire is as appealing as Crisco oil, end the spin!
Jim m
6:23PM SEP 14TH 2010
Crisco is a winner too!

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