Nan Rich Blasts Rick Scott and Charlie Crist on School Choice

Trying to catch former Gov. Charlie Crist in the Democratic primary to see who challenges Gov. Rick Scott in November, former state Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich hit her chief rivals on school choice on Monday.

“My position on vouchers has always been crystal clear,” said Rich. “I opposed them when Republican Gov. Jeb Bush introduced them. I opposed them when Republican Gov. Charlie Crist expanded them. I oppose expanding them now. Vouchers allow public money to go to private schools and that’s just not right – period.”

Despite Crist spending most of his political career as a Republican, he holds a commanding lead over Rich in polls of the Democratic primary. Rich stressed her opposition to current efforts to expand school choice in the Legislature which she expects Scott to sign.

“That’s simply bad public policy -- it’s bad for public schools, bad for teachers, and bad for students,” Rich said. “Gov. Scott said he is ready to sign the bill to expand the voucher program as soon as the bill gets to his desk. I wouldn’t. As governor, I would veto this bad legislation -- without hesitation.”

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Tyler Barrett
3:52AM MAR 16TH 2014
The ONLY fighter for education in this race!! Go Nan!! you have my vote !!

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