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Nan Rich Just Keeps on Letting Charlie Crist Make Her Case for Her

No wonder Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich looked so radiant entering The Moon in Tallahassee Monday night. Charlie Crist's Democratness -- if he ever had such a thing -- is imploding like a cream puff with bad egg custard.

"Did you see Charlie on Sunday?" Rich asked me. I hadn't, but it's all on record. Appearing Sunday on "This Week in South Florida" with Michael Putney, Crist answered a question about this year's proposed voucher program expansion by saying, "I don't know if we should expand it at this point in time."

Rich was incredulous. "By 'this point in time,' you know he means 'in an election year.' He wants it both ways and hopes nobody notices."

Crist went on to note other cuts in public school funding that have occurred, but didn't explain how Gov. Rick Scott's voucher expansion is any different from Crist's own voucher expansion four years ago.

"Charlie Crist and Rick Scott," said Rich, "both the same Republicans."

See Kevin Derby's story in Sunshine State News.

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