NBA All-Star Wants to Try Out With the Jacksonville Jaguars

Things are going from bad to worse for the Jacksonville Jaguars, easily the worst team in the National Football League -- leading to a prominent basketball player to say the team needs to sign him.

Bartow’s own Tracy McGrady, who retired from the NBA last month, took to Twitter on Monday and suggested the team take a look at him. “Jacksonville Jaguars need to bring me on in for a tryout at QB or receiver!” McGrady, a seven time NBA All-Star, posted.

McGrady’s only 34 despite playing more than a decade and a half in the NBA and he is 6-foot 8 inches. But with the Jags showing no interest in signing Tim Tebow, who has close ties to the First Coast, it’s pretty clear they won’t have any interest in signing McGrady.

At least with the way they're playing, the Jaguars won’t have to worry about McGrady’s notorious record of failing to move out of the first round of the playoffs.

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