New Republican Group Ramps Up GOTV Campaign in Florida

Targeting Florida and seven other states, a new conservative political action organization today announced plans to spend more than $10 million on an extensive get-out-the-vote campaign called “MOVERS” -- Mobilizing Our Voters to End Reckless Spending.

American Crossroads said it will use "enhanced voter files and data on absentee ballot and early voting patterns to deliver absentee ballot mailers with chase calls, early voting notifications by mail and phone calls, and a 72-hour mail and phone call blitz prior to Election Day."

The target audience includes high, medium and low propensity Republican voters, as well as high propensity independent voters.

“We have an unprecedented opportunity to restore balance and fiscal responsibility to Washington this fall,” said Steven Law, president and CEO of American Crossroads. 

Other states are: Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire and Washington.

Though the Washington, D.C.-based group officially calls itself "independent," it is, practically speaking, a Republican operation. Prior to becoming chairman of the board of American Crossroads, Mike Duncan served as chairman, treasurer and general counsel of the Republican National Committee.

Based on Tuesday's primary turnout, the GOTV effort appears to have some tailwind behind it. Florida Republicans turned out in far greater numbers than Democrats, a pattern that has evidenced itself in several other states this year.
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