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Newt Gingrich Camp Attacks 'Moderate' Mitt Romney as Establishment Favorite

The team behind Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich ripped into GOP primary rival Mitt Romney, comparing him to establishment favorites who stood against the tea party in 2010.

In 2010, conservatives had a chance to prove that bold conservative ideas can win, R.C. Hammond, Gingrichs press secretary, wrote in an email sent out to supporters. In races across the country, candidates who weren't backed by the establishment ran on those ideas and beat the establishment in both parties. The Washington political establishment is terrified that if the Republican nomination for president continues, then their choice, Mitt Romney, will suffer a similar fate.

Hammond insisted that his candidate retained a viable path to winning the Republican nomination.

While the establishment is prematurely calling this nomination decided, our campaign continues to build the infrastructure necessary to give the voters in Oklahoma, Georgia, and across the country a truly conservative option, Hammond maintained. The establishment pundits keep pushing the false narrative that we don't have the fundraising ability to compete through Super Tuesday and beyond.

Hammond called Romney a moderate who has tapped Goldman Sachs and Wall Street for maximum contributions.

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