Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann Top Tea Party Patriots' National Straw Poll

Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann topped the field in a national tea party straw poll Sunday night.

Gingrich received 31 percent and Bachmann garnered 28 percent of the ballots cast in the Tea Party Patriots' "Tele-Forum" poll.

Mitt Romney placed third with 20 percent, followed by Rick Santorum at 16 percent, Ron Paul at 3 percent and Rick Perry at 2 percent. Jon Huntsman received a fraction of a percentage.

While Gingrich edged Bachmann for first place, Bachmann held a slim advantage over the Georgian when voters were asked to rate their level of enthusiasm for each candidate. Some 35 percent described themselves as "very enthusiastic" for the Minnesota congresswoman versus 34 percent for the former House speaker.

Santorum and Romney were rated at 27 percent and 25 percent respectively while Huntsman and Paul had the highest "not at all enthusiastic" scores at 65 and 64 percent respectively.

Jenny Beth Martin, co-chair of Tea Party Patriots, which bills itself as the nation's largest tea party organization, said more than 22,000 people participated in the Tele-Forum.

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Charles Davis
12:25PM DEC 19TH 2011
That is not a TEA Party straw Poll, that is done by the "TEA Party Patriots" group which is just a re-branding of the old "Religious Right" who had already brought that name down in the years before. This re-branding was done by Fox News starting 2 years after the real TEA Party events started as a way to try and knock down Ron Paul's movement with a group of people already known for failure, big government, war-mongering, and other bad ideas.

This is the group that gave the "Tea Party Movement" a bad name, it is not the original Tea Party movement.
9:48AM DEC 19TH 2011
However we say it, Mr. Gingrich is all about the money. In a recent story, “Gingrich was ask to return the estimated $1.6 million he received for providing strategic advice to Freddie Mac, the quasi-government agency (an agency that has lost millions) that guarantees home mortgages. Gingrich has said he acted as a historian, not a lobbyist”. A “historian”, is that the history of greed? He may just sell you a book on it!
9:33AM DEC 19TH 2011
I used to support the Tea Party movement, until I realized how truly statist (and ignorant) it was becoming. "No government healthcare! Unless of course it is Medicare.", "Cut government spending! Unless of course it is on war." "Civil liberties? We don't need no stinkin' civil liberties!" I could go on, but what is the use. They don't sound anything like the first "tea party". Today's movement is loaded with posers. If they are supporting Bachmann and Gingrich, two frauds who have consistently voted to grow government, it proves my point.

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